A boutique with unusual,unique, fine quality gifts discovered during my travels.  Welcome, come on in and take a minute to enjoy found treasures such as Otomi, Ceramics, Huichol, Kuba Cloth, Ndebele Dolls,  Persian Block Stamps, Jewelry, Batik, Rugs, Bali Carvings, Pottery and Embroidery.

My name is Erika.  I grew up learning to make all kinds of crafts and went to school for interior design.   Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of traveling the world and seeing as many places and cultures as possible.  I truly appreciate and love discovering beautiful craftsmanship and unique, quality artisanship wherever I go.  There is no limit to what I appreciate - a painstakingly hand beaded Coke bottle from Mexico to a finely carved, vintage, wooden fabric block from Iraq. I’ve created the company Tyger Lotus, LLC to be able to offer the treasures I find.  By making these treasures available to you online, I am able to help the craftsmen and artisans improve their quality of life; and in turn, make them accessible to you.  I pay fair compensation to the artisan and do my best to make sure that everything is responsibly sourced.   My goal is to find unusual and unique pieces that are truly special. Recently, I spent four months in Nepal volunteering after their earthquake.  While there I created relationships with artisans and makers to bring our designs to the US.  I also spent 2 months touring India, and developed more designs and found more rare and amazing items. 

Erika Keesee

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